Dedicated to the New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus

See what singers do with low-latency technology

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Eric Whitacre & 94 voices from three California choruses
🔊 "Sing Gently" premiere

Ragazzi Continuo
🔊 10th Anniversary Concert

Ragazzi Boys Chorus
🔊 Beyond the Stars Concert


London City Voices
🔊 Rehearsal
🔊 O Holy Night

Jamulus Chamber(s) Choir, Velvet Quartet, & Popkoor Utrecht
🔊 WorldJam Jamulus Choral Festival

Grand Central Chorus

Cantamus Gießen
(Jitsi was used so that chorus could at least see conductor)

Soundjack via p2p

NAVE Voices
🔊 Christmas Concert 2020

Bonnie Borshay Sneed directs University HS, Waco HS, & MCC Tartan Singers
🔊 Praetorius

Ian Howell et al.
🔊 "A Real Time Distributed Performance Class ..." & other 🔊 demos

Eden Show episodes
🔊 Wendy Jones
🔊 Alex Carôt & Bernd Keul

Joshua Glasner & Anthony Capparelli
🔊 Ahrens & Flaherty

Nicholas Perna & Tyler Kemp
🔊 Finzi

Nicholas Perna & Tyler Kemp
🔊 Puccini & Jason Robert Brown

New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus
🔊 Low-latency journal 2020-2021 (see Mudd Talks video)

via mass server

Alex Carôt & 31 volunteers up to ~9000 km apart
🔊  Server test

Gewandhaus Chor
🔊 Sample 1
🔊 Sample 2

Vokalensemble Bühl

🔊  Vega (processed)

🔊 Vega (streamed)

New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus
🔊 Low-latency journal 2020-2021 (see chorus clips)

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