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This website is dedicated to the New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus

Low-latency singers' resources

"Techies" can use this website to help "non-techies"
set up low-latency audio technology.

Veteran studio professionals know that low-latency digital audio has offered a booths-in-the-same-studio feeling for decades, including through ISDN in the 1990s. Low-latency audio over the internet has been developing since the 2000s and today offers a same-studio feeling at costs accessible to community choruses, voice students, and recreational musicians.


See what musical ensembles have been doing with low-latency audio technology.

Conceptual background

Understand how audio gets from you, over the internet, to your fellow musicians.

Latency map*

Find cities you can reach with workable one-way transit delay.


Discover equipment for the kinds of music you want to practice online.

Set up

Customize instructions for FarPlay, Jamulus, SonoBus, Soundjack, and Zoom.


General reminders for using low-latency audio apps.
* Visualization prepared using pings measured 2022 February 14 graciously provided by WonderProxy. A two-day set of ping data (from 2020 July 19 and 20) is freely available from WonderProxy at https://wonderproxy.com/blog/a-day-in-the-life-of-the-internet/.