Dedicated to the New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus

Low-latency singers' resources

Stop muting and pretending to sing along.
SING TOGETHER online at the same time.
Escape from isolation and feel CONNECTED.

(when it works--we have to be HONEST: a lot of stuff is still beta and breaks, and some equipment configurations are confusing to set up)


See what New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus members did with low-latency technology.

Signal chain

Understand how audio gets from you, over the internet, to your fellow musicians.

Latency map*

Find cities you can reach with workable one-way transit delay.


Discover equipment for the kinds of music you want to practice online.

Set up

Customize instructions for Soundjack, SonoBus, FarPlay, and Jamulus.


General reminders for using low-latency audio apps.
* Visualization prepared using pings measured 2022 February 14 graciously provided by WonderProxy. A two-day set of ping data (from 2020 July 19 and 20) is freely available from WonderProxy at https://wonderproxy.com/blog/a-day-in-the-life-of-the-internet/.